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Planet Dirt Cup - Raptor - 12-13-2017 10:13 PM

[Image: 8395582486258518990394167762327202283080350357437n.jpg]
Hello guys!
It’s time to shine, bring out the map editor of Trackmania² Stadium,

Welcome onto this brand new solo dirt tournament called 'Planet Dirt Cup' hosted by Team-Fox ! This competition will be organized in 3 phases (from the end of January to the start of March) : Time Attack, Groupstages and a Playoff phase with a double bracket tree for the 16 players remaining ! Registrations will come soon...

Rules for the maps :

Name : PDC – Insert name here (you may add some colors)
Lenght : 50-65 seconds
Mood : Day or Sunrise
Blockmixing : You can use it but it has to be clean
Style : Dirt (like GA maps), progressive difficulty, alternative finish (if difficult one), opportunity to take different trajectory, decisive passage !
Scenery : Your scenery has to be attractive but not overloaded (<3600C)
Please, don't protect your maps with a password !
The Competition Titlepack is allowed but do not overuse it please !
The use of custom blocks is forbidden...
Maximum maps per author : 4

Please, use official Planet Dirt Cup's signpack :
Send your productions at before January 21th at midnight!

Join us on discord

Make dirt great again !

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - Raptor - 12-23-2017 11:06 PM


Let's recap a bit how the competition works : :sweat_smile:
- From January 28th to February 4th : Qualifications phase ! The drivers will have one week to set the best times on three maps, please drive on the official servers... Otherwise, the times won't count... After one week, the 32 best players (addition of the best times on the three maps) are qualified for the next phase of the tournament...
- February 11st, February 18th : Groupstages phase ! The players will be separated in 2 groups of 16 players... Then, each player will play against all the players from the same group after 5 matches + tiebrakers if needed in Cup Mode (1v1v1v1) ! Top 8 for each group goes directly in the Playoffs phase... The last 8 players of each group goes in the Relegation phase !
- February 25th : Relegation phase ! The 16 players which didn't make into in the Playoffs phase will play in a double elimination bracket tree for 8 places...
- March 10th, 11st : Playoffs phase ! The 24 remaining players will play in a double elimination bracket tree, same as in LAN events (GWF, Gamers Assembly,...) ! At the end, one player will win the first edition of the Planet Dirt Cup...

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - Raptor - 01-07-2018 10:04 PM

it's up to you to register Wink


RE: Planet Dirt Cup - itsfast - 01-08-2018 03:10 PM

Can´t click on the link

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - Raptor - 01-08-2018 08:09 PM

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - itsfast - 01-08-2018 08:20 PM


RE: Planet Dirt Cup - WiiDii - 01-22-2018 01:46 PM

Today Bytigato asked me to have our nwt skin, for the PDC trailer video, but I don't have the correct nwt one, does someone know where to find it ? Big Grin

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - Raptor - 01-22-2018 01:57 PM

no sorry, otherwise I want to give him my skin, or you wiidii, I do not have the skin without a number and without a name

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - WiiDii - 01-22-2018 02:29 PM

I cant give him my skin because I cant have it, I lost my CD Key Sad

RE: Planet Dirt Cup - Klockren - 01-22-2018 05:08 PM

we have a car skin?

Edit: ok I've seen that skin before just never thought about it I guess