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application/forever - forever - 10-08-2018 06:41 PM

1 TM Nickname :

2: TM2Stadium Login :

3: Physical Age :

4: Been playing TM since?
2 years

5: Mode Preference :

6: Why do you want to join NWT Dirt ?
It is probably one of the best dirt teams currently

7 : Can you speak good English ?
as you've probably noticed

8: Are you still currently with another team ?

9: What other Teams have you been with in the past ?
Fox (1 week, let me count that, i wasnt kicked and i passed the trial)

10: Do you have a good Attitude and are Friendly with everyone ?
lets say that mostly

11: Are you willing to be active on the Forum ?
i will try, but already too much of forums haha

12: Are you willing to compete in Competitions that require Training ?
of coursez thats what the dirt is about for me, competitions, competitions and once again competitions

13: Tell us a little about yourself ?
Heyo! I am forever (like i havent said that) and i am from Poland.
I've been playing recently in WTC with Poland in the main squad (dirt) and we had a solid 4th place (i remember playing against Klockren for sure)
I do not play dirt for long, but i think with enough training i could compete on somewhat-high level, especially looking at my young age, still a lot of time to improve :D

RE: application/forever - Raptor - 10-08-2018 08:10 PM

Welcome Forever check pm for the tag Smile
Prove us your activity on TM and here, on the forum and discord and Teamspeak.




RE: application/forever - flemmy - 10-11-2018 10:55 AM

Welcome Forever